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Peace of Mind

We built each apartment with proper interior and exterior insulation so that you have privacy and tranquility at home. Less humidity in the summer, and no need to open windows in the winter.

Less Energy, Less Waste

Passive House structures are built to be air-tight with limited thermal bridges. This means your apartment is designed to use the heat from your daily activities (washers/dryers, stoves, etc.) to keep you warmer in the winter and eliminate heat spots in the summer. That means our energy use will be substantially less than a traditional apartment, and we can all feel good about that.

Fresh, Filtered Air

Our properly designed ventilation systems keep the fresh, filtered air at a constant flow via the Zehnder ERVs, creating a comfortable and clean living environmental all year round. This is more important than ever during a time when remote work & learning is becoming a normal part of your daily routine.