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A Passive House is a building standard that provides an energy efficient, comfortable, and environmentally sound building. It has been a growing standard in construction, and the concept has proven to work globally. Passive House buildings have been monitored for air quality, occupant comfort, energy consumption, and construction as well as operating costs. The results have been published and the bottom line is that Passive House structures are built to the highest standards.

Reduced Energy Costs
Consumes Less Energy
Wastes Less Energy

From Concept to Implementation

542 West 153th was designed to meet Passive House standards in order to provide a better apartment experience for our tenants. Beginning at the design process, our community was planned to holistically address energy usage and building airtightness to drastically reduce heating and cooling loads within the project. Passive House methodology requires the building to be airtight with fresh, filtered air constantly supplied to each unit in order to balance ventilation. As a result, our units are equipped with some of the highest quality building materials in the industry and provide supreme insulation to prevent temperature transfer with the outside environment, and energy recovery ventilators that bring fresh air into the living rooms and bedrooms while clearing stale air from the kitchens and bathrooms. That means a more comfortable living environment for our residents, a substantially lower impact on the environment, and a better investment for our partners.

We’ve redesigned urban living from the ground-up for smarter, happier living.

In Home Features

Graphic showing detail image of triple paned window

Oversized Triple-Pane Windows

In addition to our Passive House methodology, we have also invested in the highest quality building materials to provide ultimate insulation, as well as ERVs in each home that circulate fresh air and triple pane windows to provide proper insulation and eliminate noise.